Commercial Loans


Also Serving Eastern PA, NJ, & Tennesse Areas

Cornerstone Lending offers financing to investors and businesses for purchasing or refinancing commercial buildings. We offer low interest rates, low fees, and more aggressive and flexible products than much of the competition.

Traditional banks often will require a deposit history or new account deposits with that institution in order to approve a mortgage. These same banks often have stringent criteria for approving a mortgage. If the institution commits on the loan, the institution will often cross collateralize or blanket the loan with other business assets. This practice makes the loan more secure to the bank, but makes the business less solvent and can create an obstacle to growth and profitability. It also makes the company more dependent on the bank lending the money.

Traditional commercial brokers will often require an upfront, non-refundable application fee. Many times they will charge excessive fees at closing.

Cornerstone Lending offers free, no-obligation quotes on commercial loans. Though we are not the direct lender, we have agreements with many lenders and institutions that pay us directly or share their fees with us. As a result, our fees are very low compared to the competition. Because we are not the direct lender, we do not make requirements for deposits nor do we blanket the company’s other assets in order to further secure the loan.

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