Cornerstone Lending offers refinances for many purposes.

Cornerstone Lending offers the HARP 2. This enables you to refinance your rate even if you owe more than the value of your home. In addition, there may be no costly PMI or mortgage insurance. This is available to you if your mortgage is currently owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Call us, and we can find out whether you are eligible for this tremendous program.

FHA allows up to 85% of your home Value for Cash-out Refinances.

Debt Consolidation – Interest rates are at a 50 year low. This may be a perfect time to lower your interest rate on current mortgage. Also, it may be a good time to combine your first mortgage and your home equity loan or line of credit into one affordable payment. Lower your income taxes by paying off your credit cards and personal loans with a low interest rate mortgage. Home mortgage interest is a tax deduction where as unsecured interest is not.

Replace your Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) with a low, fixed rate mortgage. Millions of Americans who have adjustable rate mortgages have found their monthly payments continuously go up after the initial low start rate. Now is a good time to get a low, fixed rate.

Divorce and property settlements – The staff at Cornerstone Lending work with thousands of attorneys across the country to settle equity distributions between interested parties.